...I would like to be that unnoticed/And that necessary

I'm incredibly frustrated, but not from anything one would expect--classwork, extra-curricular, family,---oh, James got skipped into 9th grade, I'm so proud---nothing like that. But I'd rather not talk about it, either, for fear of the problem and the cause getting blow out of proportion, or worse, everyone realising how difficult it is for me. Grr. It makes me feel weak and vulnerable, and that upsets me because it means I'm no longer in control of myself.

On a happier note, I HAVE A TAN LINE!!! I can't believe it. I noticed it today as I was brushing my hair after my shower, that I have a tan line. It's faint, but it's there. I don't know whether to feel consternation or glee. I think I'm going to side for glee, because I haven't had a flippin' tan line in 4 years. So, yeah, everybody who thinks I'm unhealthily pale, I'm actually TAN!


There will be time, there will be time/To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet

It's been awhile, but that's okay. So much has happened in the last few weeks. Here's a little list, to give you an idea...

Moved back to Taylor
Classes started
Flashed Sammy guys (by accident!)
Got a job
Helped convince Berg to do Airband
Bought a chair at Spencer's
Hit level 20 in WoW (well, not quite--I'm 342 xp short)
Was quarantined for having my computer named incorrectly--stupid anal-retentive choads...
Saw Boondock Saints for the first time
Heard from Jenn
Had my TV mysteriously disappear (along with my bike and my beanbag chair)

All while keeping up with my 3 400-level lit classes. Whee.

Went back to Skee-Town this weekend; my roommate had a wedding to go to and I tagged along--it was fun. I drank Izze (the best drink EVER!), bought books at Narnes&Boble, slept in someone else's bed, ate bad lasagna and was bought a double-fudge chocolate chip brownie as reparation for aforementioned bad lasagna. Oh, and I called Dan hirsute. Which he is, by the way. Very hirsute.

On the way back, the car overheated so we stopped at Keaghann's Korner, which is a dumpy little truck stop approximately 30 miles north of that great urban center know as Fort Wayne where we waited for the engine to cool enough for us to see what was wrong (and before you say it, there was plenty of coolant). Apparently, the serpentine belt had shredded in the 25 minutes we had driven since our last rest stop in the lovely burgh of Coldwater, Michigan, and therefore nothing was being cooled. This, of course, meant we'd have to stay there for Lord-only-knows how long while we tried to find a mechanic who'd come out to the truck stop and fix the car on a Sunday. Since we needed to get back at a decent time, I called Austin (who should be nominated for sainthood, by the way) who drove up to get us and take us the rest of the way. While waiting for Austin to arrive, a rather intimidating-looking trucker helped us find a guy (in the truck stop, conveniently) whose father owned a garage only a few miles away. The aforementioned father of the aforementioned guy came, fixed the car, and didn't charge full price. Austin came as my roommate's mother (who was driving us down to school) was settling the bill with the mechanic guy.

So yeah, interesting weekend.

Life will be getting hectic soon....very, very hectic. I've actually got a couple hours of homework ahead of me, but I haven't gotten around to it yet because I suffer from extreme apathy and total laziness.....not to mention I'm the world's most ambitious procrastinator. :)

This is enough for now, I need to go Google-whacking (sp?) and write poems with the successful whacks. Plus read something like 9 chapters in various books. Fun. I'm loving every (almost) minute of it.