...I would like to be that unnoticed/And that necessary

I'm incredibly frustrated, but not from anything one would expect--classwork, extra-curricular, family,---oh, James got skipped into 9th grade, I'm so proud---nothing like that. But I'd rather not talk about it, either, for fear of the problem and the cause getting blow out of proportion, or worse, everyone realising how difficult it is for me. Grr. It makes me feel weak and vulnerable, and that upsets me because it means I'm no longer in control of myself.

On a happier note, I HAVE A TAN LINE!!! I can't believe it. I noticed it today as I was brushing my hair after my shower, that I have a tan line. It's faint, but it's there. I don't know whether to feel consternation or glee. I think I'm going to side for glee, because I haven't had a flippin' tan line in 4 years. So, yeah, everybody who thinks I'm unhealthily pale, I'm actually TAN!


louisprehiem1916 said...
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Malruniel11 said...

You have one sexy tan!