A noun's a thing. A verb's the thing it does/An adjective is what describes the noun/In "The can of beets is filled with purple fuzz"

I should be writing a paper right now, or at least doing the research for it.

But I'm not. Grr. Stupid distractions. Well, ok, they're not all stupid....

I might as well say it here, seeing as everyone has figured it out already. Jon and I are officially "together." There, I said it. Be happy, Jon. I have mentioned you in my blog.

I'm tired. Really sleepy. I honestly don't care about writing this paper at all. I don't want to write it, don't want to do it, I just want it to go away and leave me alone, forever and ever, amen. But it won't. I feel as though it's staring at me....."like it's going to eat me or something."

I talked to Jenn today, for the first time in....a long while. It was good to hear from her. Ah, who am I kidding, it's always good to hear from her.

I submitted two things for possible submission to Parnassus; I'm nervous beyond belief. I'll find out if they were accepted (yeah, right) or not (much more likely) within the week.....gah, I'm scared. I would love to have something published, even if only in Taylor's journal, but I honestly don't believe that anything I've written is remotely good enough for publication anywhere.

Gah. Life is stupid and frustrating.

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