The sea is calm tonight/The tide is full, the moon lies fair

I managed to fix the effing toilet this time. Home remedies work, at least in my case--I added some dishwashing soap....it worked. Huzzah!

I bought leather pants today. I look good in them. *squee* I've wanted leather pants for awhile now, and these were on sale, and Bekah convinced me....so, I am now the owner of a pair of black leather pants. And a really cool poster by Nene Thomas. (Eight million props to anyone who knows who Nene Thomas is.) And nifty dice. I bought a set--this really ugly pearly-orange colour, tee-hee, as well as a few barrel dice, 2 random d4's, and 3 matching d6's. Now, if I could only find my dice bag.

I was contemplating doing this posting in relation to various songs, but (sadly) most of the songs I had in mind for various situations are not currently within my mind's grasp (read: forgot).

Isaac is a sweet, sweet guy. Despite the flying monkeys.

I've lost my best friend...the one thing that I can remember the song for....

Can you look me in the eye,
And tell me that you're happy now?
Could you tell it to my face?
Have I been erased?
Are you happy now?

Jenn, I hope you are happy. Best wishes.

I found out depressing information: the Taylor divorce rate is higher (significantly) than the national average. That's scary. REALLY scary. I wonder how many Taylor students know this. Or care.

Michelle is amazing; I'm so glad we actually got to be real friends, as opposed to casual acquaintances who end up lab partners in Chem for Living. I saw her steal the show in Taylor's most recent play, "Flowers for Algernon," when she walked on stage in a jellyfish dress. No, I'm not kidding, or exaggerating. It's hard to describe, but it's impossible to miss.

Among other random incidents that have occured since the last entry:
1. Have gotten 3 quasi-random West Coast boys to profess love for me
2. Saw 2 movies in the theatre (Hoodwinked and UltraViolet), which makes a total of 4 for the school year
3. Re-did some of the furniture in the room; sadly, I still don't have enough shelf space for my books, despite packing them as tightly as I possibly could
4. Tested out of Spanish. I'm testing for credit on the 14th, I hope I pass.
5. Found out even more people don't like me, although I'm also starting to understand why people dislike me so much
6. Found out I'm not as repulsive as I've always thought
7. Found out I'm not insane
8. Started going to counseling
9. Became the prime suspect in a failed assassination attempt on the King.
10. My little brother (James) is going blind. Not cool at all.

I have to go in for my next menopause shot in about 3 weeks. It hurts like hell, and I won't be able to walk after it. Grar, I hate shots.

Things have been, all things considered, better than they have in a long while. Counseling is really helping; my counselor is really good. I'm hoping that it will help me work out my scads of issues. Or, more realistically, start working on my scads of issues.

I'm spending the weekend in Muncie, with Isaac's family. Apparently, they will shower me with terrible (and possibly funny) stories of Isaac's childhood. And teenagehood. Etc.

Alright, it's late, and I have to get up early...grr...if I'm crabby for the next....long while, it's because I didn't get to sleep in on Saturday.

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