I have been one acquainted with the night/I have walked out in rain--and back in rain

Break is over. Sad, but wonderful at the same time. Let me say that one person's behaviour was so reminiscent of a lecherous boy of twelve years that it very nearly ruined my break, as well as someone else's. Not cool.

However, I did have some good times. I bought the World of Warcraft Atlas (awesome), the 'V for Vendetta' soundtrack (almost awesome), 'The Diamond Throne' (awesome), and 'Stardust' (very, very awesome); plus, I was able to sleep a good deal and was fed good food.

It's nice, coming back from break knowing that my hosts like me. I have not really experienced this phenomenon since starting uni, so it was a really nice and pleasant feeling.

I had a good, yet slightly painful talk with Isaac regarding various things in our relationship; hopefully it will help smooth most (if not all) of the major wrinkles.

My mother is coming to visit! I'm ecstatic; I have not seen her since winter break, during most of which I was either asleep or heavily drugged due to that unpleasant surgery. In any case, she comes a week from Friday and I am nearly jumping with glee. Mother and I aren't extremely close, but we get along famously and she is the one I feel closest to in my immediate family. Or my extended family, for that matter. I don't care much for most of my relatives.
James is going blind, which is not good. He has an incurable eye condition that causes his cornea to bulge out, and may need surgery very soon. On the bright side, however, he did reach level sixty with his undead warlock in World of Warcraft. I'm very proud. Especially since I am only level forty-seven.

I'm still hoping against hope that I was wrong, but with every day that passes without word, I feel even more certain (and saddened) that I was right. Why is it that one is usually wrong unless one desperately wants to be so, in which case one is inevitably right? It's a terrible conspiracy on the part of the universe, I'm sure.

And one of my professors apparently is an idiot. According to him, my figurative language (imagery, similes, and so on) are too obscure, esoteric, or just plain unusual for people to understand, and it therefore makes them feel stupid, which he 'feels a lot.' I'm quoting him on that, by the way. I don't understand this, especially since a) I followed his directions to the letter; and b) I dumbed it down.

I hate stupid people, especially stupid people who demand the dumbing-down of all they encounter just so that they do not have to feel stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Even moreso I hate stupid people who pretend to follow along when they don't.

I feel for you.