Each Life Converges to some Centre--/Expressed, or still--

Friends are graduating today. Friends are leaving today, which, in my mind, at least, is far more significant and saddening. While I'm very happy for them, I will miss them--even the ones I barely saw this semester, or even this year.

Matt Hock, Mike Assis, Erik Kielisch, John Murphey, Allison Riddle, and (my dear and loving husband) Timothy Deal--I will miss you all so much; I don't think you (or I, for that matter) understand how much.

Seeing Allison's family come today made me sad, as well; also for graduation, but not for the same reasons. See, college graduation is a big deal--it will be an especially big deal for me, since I never really graduated from high school. Don't get me wrong, I finished high school, I just didn't graduate. And as much as I claim to have been relieved by that, it's partly (at least) a lie, because looking back, it would have meant a lot to me. At least, it would in retrospect.

But I digress. Everyone's family is here, celebrating the end of their college (well, undergraduate, at least) careers. But when I graduate, I'll be lucky if I can have both parents present, never mind siblings. We just don't have the money, and even thinking about it now, a year in advance, makes me want to cry.

On a happy note, I hit level 60 in World of Warcraft a couple days ago. Yay!

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