I just can't resist the urge/To stand here in the light

There's actually going to be a day about me. That's weird. I mean, yeah, ok, I know that there won't be that many people there, maybe 30 if everyone who says they're gonna come actually comes, but that's about it. But it's still weird. I've always been that one. If I didn't want to be noticed, and you tried to pick me out of a crowd, you'd be wrong. I'd be the other one. And I'm not huge on attention. But...
I have a day. In 9 days, I will have a day. It's frightening, yet wonderful. And then I'll be able to be with Andrew--my family. He IS my family. The people who raised me are just...the people who raised me. But Andrew showed me what family can mean. I only wish that more of my friends--the rest of the people who matter to me--could come. So I could share this with them. Share my day, with the people who mean the most.
I have a day.

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