Out flew the web and floated wide/The mirror cracked from side to side

I should be writing my Early English Lit. paper right now. Or doing my Victorian Lit. bibliography. But, it's been a while since I wrote in this thing, so....yeah. I'm procrastinating. I will kick myself for this tomorrow, when I'm tired and crabby (well, I'm already tired and crabby. So, I will kick myself for this tomorrow when I'm even more tired and crabby).

Doing a presentation for Vic Lit tomorrow, on Browning's Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came. The title threw me, at first--I thought it would be something along the lines of Little Lord Fauntleroy, and how he comes to battle the forces of evil of the aptly-named Dark Tower.

Yeah, not so much. It's dark, it's grotesque, and the poem ends leaving the reader with no clue as to whether or not Roland dies, succeeds, or curls up into a little ball and whimpers.

In the past several days, I have walked the Loop six times. I am in awe of my physical prowess, as should you all be.

Oh, and I hit level 27 in World of Warcraft, and got another friend hooked on it. *evil grin* I'd feel guilty about it, buuuuut.....no.

I miss Jenn. A lot.

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