Eyes I dare not meet in dreams/In death's dream kingdom

Had a terrible nightmare last night. It was absolutely awful. As in, wake-up-shaking-and-in-a-cold-sweat awful. I finally fell into a decent sleep around 9am. Grr.

I'm hoping The Sale will still be in effect when I get back to the States...*crosses fingers* I need what they have, but can't afford it otherwise. Stupid scheduling issues.

A penguin was kidnapped last Saturday from a zoo on the Isle of Wight. Not just any regular penguin, though--the bird is only 3 months old; zookeepers and vets think the poor thing is dead from malnutrition by now. His (the penguin is male) parents are described as "devastated," and I thought that was bull, but then I read about how penguin parents care for their young more intensely than most animals...So. Somebody called the zoo on Thursday night, saying they left the penguin in a plastic bag in Portsmouth, but that is the last I know. If anybody has heard updates, I'd love to know. It's kinda sad, yeah, but it's also really dumb. I mean, who on earth steals a baby penguin?

I get to hang out with Steve on Monday! Yay! Steve has been one of the best friends I've ever had. He literally kept me too distracted to...do bad things to me. He was one of my only friends, and I love him dearly. He's been a rock. A crazy, psycho, genius rock.

I have thus far been polite to everybody I don't like here. If certain people call me, I won't be. But so far, so good. Be happy, everybody. I'm being good.

And I'm too sick to go drinking with my dad. Grr.

I go in Tuesday for more ultrasounds. I just want the whole problem to go away, now. Right now. But, it won't. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more complicated yet; maybe life decided to give me a break for once.

Yeah, right.

Jon. Call me. Or at least stay awake when you're IM'ing me. I'm not mad. Just...yeah. You know what I mean.

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