My life closed twice before its close/It yet remains to see

Feeling better. Not much, but a little. Thank you, Mom, Jon, Whitney, and Bekah.

I'm hoping I can make it through the semester...I have 4 days left. *crosses fingers* Wish me luck, peeps.

Oh, I finished the Christmas shopping! I've never had trouble shopping for my dad, oddly enough. It's my brothers that cause me problems....sadly, neither plays golf or wears ties, and James hates shoes and Sam lives in Texas (meaning socks are out of the question, too....grr.) And I splurged and bought myself some velour pajama pants.

I just asked Whitney, and she told me that yes, I am looking better than I was yesterday. Apparently, yesterday I looked like an old, chewed-up, mangled, much-used and -abused dog chew toy.
Today I just look tired.

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Domino said...

Well, that's an improvement... sort of... k, I'll stop trying to be positive now.