It is not the moon, I tell you/It is these flowers/lighting the yard

I tried to give blood today. It went well until my arm went numb. Then the blood stopped flowing and I started shaking really bad and couldn't move my hand. Apparently I (who never clot quickly) clotted up around the needle after half a pint. I felt bad, mostly, for consuming time and resources that could have been spent on someone with decent enough veins to actually give a full pint; as it was, they had to abort the procedure and throw the bag away. I felt awful, I'm actually still a bit twitchy (but I'm ignoring it). But, on the bright side, I got a free cookie. ^.^

I'm going to bed now. I'm tired and have to be at least semi-alert tomorrow for class, homework, class, and then rehearsal for the group interp. thingy. It figures, the first semester I'm at all willing to be social, and I don't have enough time to be so.

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