'Twas night, calm night, the moon was high;/The dead men stood together

I don't think doing 70 in a 45 at night when there are patches of ice on the road is a good idea. But in my defense, I was just really into driving, which I hadn't done in FOREVER, and by forever I mean several weeks, and the music I had playing was really, really good. But more about that later.
I bought Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings, which is the sequel to Attack of the Bacon Robots. For those who don't have an incredible memory for piddly details like book titles, Attack of the Bacon Robots (best title EVER!) was/is the first book of compiled Penny Arcade strips. Therefore, by logical reasoning, one can deduce that Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings (totally random title, but also pretty good) is, in fact, the SECOND book of compiled Penny Arcade strips. Now, I'm aware that the strips in question are also available for free on the Internet(s), but there is also additional, that is to say bonus, content included between the covers of both books. Plus, I'm a hard copy fanatic.

I had a presentation in Medieval Europe class today, on Charlemagne. It was more of a "lead the class in discussion" type of presentation, but in my mind, that's even worse than a lecture-type presentation, because then you actually have to be interesting enough to get people to both pay attention and respond. At least, though, since it was the first presentation of the year, I'm pretty sure I'll get a decent grade on it. Huzzah for small favours, right? Anyway, it went fairly well--of the six questions that were prepared, we only managed to cover 3, and a bit of the fourth. It's encouraging, really, because it showed/shows that I can be interesting in an intellectual way if need arises.

I had to dress up for it--not dressy, but you know, presentation-y. Is that even a word? I don't really care, because it's late and I'm tired and COLD because the fucking heater still isn't fixed. But that's a digression for another time, and back to the topic at hand. While I'm a fan of cashmere sweaters and comfy pants, I'm not a fan when they're not ideally suited for the weather, i.e., the windchill of seven below zero. Nor am I a fan of wearing pinchy-toed heels for twelve hours straight, most of which was spent either standing up or walking on concrete. Granted, I love wearing heels (improves both height and posture), but not for that long, and not for that long when they're pinchy. I had to wear sneakers afterwards because my normal boots don't have any of the squooshy cushiony stuff in it. I haven't worn those things more than once in the last year. But I (and I daresay even my feet) will recover. Especially since I don't have to do any more presentations. AND in Idiot Maths we're covering methods of determining equations from word problems, which is the only part of any algebraic type of mathematics I have ever done well in. Granted, I still can't solve the damn equations, but since our homework for the next few classes is nothing but writing down the equations, not solving them, I'm set.
Now if only I could learn how to actually SOLVE the equations. But even the most brilliant minds have their limits, and mine, I must say, is far from brilliance. Although, to be honest, it does glow a bit, but I think that's mostly due to unhealthy levels of radiation.

At dinner there was this really good, albeit nasty-looking, dessert. Some kind of rice krispie treat, but with chocolate bits and extra marshmallow. And they were chilled, which made them even better. I had four. I debated smuggling some out of the DC for later, but ultimately decided against it. Now I'm wishing I had taken some with me. They were amazing, eight million points to whoever made them.

It's supposed to snow a few inches tonight, and another few tomorrow; by "a few" I mean two or three inches; not the fifteen we got earlier this week that shut down half the state. The wind was awful, true; and snow days are always nice, but I really feel that Indiana is just not capable of dealing with real winter weather...they're kinda pansies. If you ever have the option, DON'T DRIVE IN INDIANA after it's snowed; few, if any, people here know how to drive on snow and end up crawling at ten mph and fishtailing all over the place. Granted, people here don't know how to drive particularly well in good weather conditions, either.

I have reached my new music phase. In case one of the three people who actually read this is not aware, my tastes tend to cycle, and not only in music. I'll read certain types of books, I'll watch certain movie genres, play certain computer games, etc., etc., forever and ever amen, until I shift over to something else. The shift tends to be rather abrupt and often is completely random. But now that I've finished my likely entirely unnecessary explanation, I'll proceed with the rest of the relevant information. I'd heard a few tracks by a Dutch band over the past few weeks, and liked the sound, but not enough to become a real fan. But as I listen to the music more, I become more drawn to it, and now I'm eagerly anticipating their first official US release in mid-March. It's being released everywhere else then, too; but since I'm not terribly keen on spending $25 for one CD, the US release is rather a big deal. So now I'm excited. Hopefully, their earlier CDs will transfer over, too. Anyway, so now I've moved on from goth-comedy (Voltaire), 20's/30's throwback pop (Christina Aguilera--yeah, yeah, I know. But admit it--her voice is incredible), and Scottish chick rock (KT Tunstall) to Dutch symphonic metal. Go figure. But if you have the chance, listen to 'Jillian' or 'See Who I Am' by Within Temptation. They're fantastic. I'm tempted to start delving into the rest of the semi-obscure-European-symphonic-metal world, but I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Actually, any non-black and non-doom metal would be greatly appreciated. Death metal is to be avoided if possible, due to certain difficulties on my part as opposed to dislike of the style itself (which I do, in fact, enjoy).

AND I got hold of both the full DeathNote series and the full Trinity Blood series. While I'm not an anime fan by any stretch of the imagination, I've been told these particular ones are most suited to my...peculiar...tastes. And besides, they were free. And now Bekah probably hates me. But hey, it's not my fault I know people. As to the identity of the people in question...well, a girl needs to have some secrets, right? ^.-

I also, maybe, if it works, get to play American McGee's Alice, which I've been trying to find for several years now. I'm just hoping that the CDs will, in fact, function. If so, then the only games left on my list to acquire in at least some form will be Grim Fandango and Gabriel Knight 1 (aka Sins of the Fathers).

Eight million points to me, for a non-emo entry!

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