And I had put away/My Labour, and my Leisure too

I am desperately hoping that this will spur me on to writing my midterm Early English Lit paper. Grr. I am completely unmotivated, despite some lovely attempts at motivation from a dear friend of mine.

I drove up to Lansing today, to see "Lord Ben," who I have decided has the rank of Earl. So, Ben, you are now Lord Ben, Earl of Visger. At some point during the day, I strained my lower back to the point where driving home to Taylor was agony. I hunched up over the steering wheel like an old fogey, blasting the radio to keep my mind off the pain. I made it all the way to Auburn before I had to pull over and rest my aching back muscles for a few minutes. I can manage stairs--kind of--and a very, very kind young man in my dorm has very, very kindly loaned me his heating pad. I'm desperately hoping it works. Cross your fingers for me.

My brother Sam is pledging a fraternity of sorts. I'd love to give more information about that, but I don't have any to give. He's as communicative with my family as I am; we live in a perpetual state of relative ignorance about each other. I know more about his roommate than I do about him....yeah, that's a weird one. Go figure.

I said it before, but I'll say it again. Jenny came to visit. It was amazing. She is such a blessing for me; she has done so much for me in so many ways. I know she'd tell me the same thing about the way she sees me, but still. I feel almost beholden to her for all that she's done. I mean, if nothing else, she re-introduced me to Agatha Christie and we fell in love with James Bond together.

I need to fix Malvolio. His leg is falling off. (Eighteen million points to the first person to tell me the play which has Malvolio as a character) I don't know any leatherworkers, though, and I don't have the money to have him professionally repaired, either; I think I'll take him back to CR at Christmas, along with my leather jacket, and have them both repaired while I'm there.

Erm. Canterbury Tales. Yes. Paper. Yes. Ugh. Still nothing.

The three lit classes, though, are going marvelously. I'm pulling 2 B's and an A, and I know I can get straight-A's by the end of the semester. It's wonderful and I'm loving almost every minute of it, except when I have to write a paper that I don't want to write, but, thankfully, that's really quite rare, or else I might very possibly be screwed...

I'm working on figuring out my senior paper thesis. I've got a vague idea of what I want to do with it; i.e., I want to base the whole thing on The Waste Land by TS Eliot. I'd much rather base it on his The Hollow Men, but I doubt I'd be able to get enough material out of it for a paper of sufficient size...I'm thinking of pairing the Waste Land with some of Christopher Smart's work, or Margaret Atwood's, because I think Smart's nifty and Atwood's poems are great, but I'm not sure how I could pull it off...*sigh*

Oh, wish me luck, everybody. I'm going to submit 2 items to Parnassus this year. It will be my first attempt at publication, and, while it kills me to admit it, I would so dearly love to have even one of them accepted.


Mateo Palos said...

As You Like It?

Good luck on the papers. I can't imagine how you're handling three lit courses; I can barely stomach one right now. Senior paper sounds interesting, too. Glad to see you liked Christopher Smart. I just hope you have more luck with him than I did.

Sparty said...

Malvolio is from Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night', one of his later comedies. :P