I thank whatever gods may be/For my unconquerable soul

10 years ago, I was:
10 years old, living in North Dakota (aka the Third Level of Hell), and watching my younger brother slowly waste away.

5 years ago, I was:
In high school in Costa Rica. I can't remember much of anything else, because I suppressed memories of that fall and winter.

1 year ago, I was:
Just getting to know Jenn.

I did some laundry, worked at the front desk, and did absolutely nothing noteworthy.

Class, homework, work, friends, Jon....

5 snacks I enjoy:
EasyMac, Snicker's, chocolate-covered pretzels, Mini-muffins, Ruffles.

5 bands/artists whose songs I know the lyrics to:
Evanscence, Brave Saint Saturn, Metallica, Michelle Branch, Shinedown

5 things I like doing :
Reading, sleeping, being lazy, driving, eating

5 things I would never wear:
Burlap sack, puffy princess dress, something covered in sequins and/or glitter, toe socks, other people's skin

5 TV shows I like:
Animaniacs, Angry Beavers, CSI, A-Team, The Pretender

5 movies I like:
Dear Frankie, Boondock Saints, Underworld, The Game, U-571

5 famous people I would like to meet:
C.S. Lewis, Reese Roper, Flannery O'Connor, Margaret Atwood, TS Eliot

5 favorite toys (that I have or want to have):
Malvolio (my teddy bear), Jon, calligraphy pens, book thongs, computer

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
1) Buy my brother a Gibson LesPaul
2) Buy my mother a Steinway baby grand
3) Pay for my college, my brothers' college, and my sister's college, debts.
4) Buy myself a Rolls-Royce Phantom
5) Give the rest to my dad's mission work

5 places I would run away to:
Callejones, England, Austria, Russia, Australia

5 bad habits:
Procrastination, sarcasm, excessive bluntness, excessive caffeine consumption, oversleeping

5 fictional characters I would date:
1)Han Solo
2)Indiana Jones
3) Conor MacManus (from Boondock Saints)
4) Silk (from Belgariad)
5) Spike (from Buffy)

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Malruniel11 said...

You can have Connor. I want Murph!