I'll tell you everything I can/There's little to relate

So, in case you come to realise that I'm not actually around when break ends, it's because...I'm not.
That's right. I finally managed to convey my...level of unwell-ness (I know it's not a word but I'm tired so get over it) to my parents. As in, "I need to get out of here NOW" unwell-ness. So they pulled me out, and now I'm not there anymore. Instead, I'm in Costa Rica. Indefinitely.

Not sure if it'll help or not, but heaven knows I want it to help. If nothing else, I'd like to prove the tight-ass bitch in charge of ResLife (also known as Jill Godorhazy--who, you may be interested to know, has a terrible track record of student interaction. As in, i've never met any student, or even heard of a student, who liked her as ResLife coordinator or even as a person.) that I'm not a hopeless failure. Though I still desperately want to tell her to sod off. Hmm. I may even be able to get away with it now.

I have to admit, though, I feel a bit guilty about leaving Michelle and Austin and my d&d victims. I mean, group members. I'll have to sit down and write out the rest of the story for them, so they at least know if the druid knocked up the pally (no) and who ends up winning the faction war (the Lady). And what happens to Drunk Monk. I'd have mentioned Bekah by name, but I know she doesn't read this, and she's been acting, I don't know how to say it, distant, I guess, for a long time now; "long time" meaning two months, in this case. Up to her, at least I tried. Oh, well. That's life, right? Make a friend, get screwed over, move on, repeat.

Neither my parents nor my siblings have noticed my tongue ring yet, which is a good sign. The longer they go without noticing, the less likely I'll be lectured or sighed at (yeah, sighed at. It's their version of the "we're disappointed in you" speech; it's harder to fight back against a sigh.) because they'll feel a bit ridiculous for not noticing it sooner. I give it another week, max, then I'm off the hook as far as sighing goes. I hope.

I hope.

Going back a ways, the twitching hasn't really been resolved. I'm taking cogentin for it. While it stops most of the twitching, it doesn't completely eliminate it. I'm hoping it'll just go away on its own, I have enough to deal with as it is.

On the bright side, I get to spend time with my puppy now! Well, he's not so much of a puppy anymore, since he's about 7 years old, but, well, you understand. And if you don't, well, you should. And my mom might buy me pants. Yay pants! While my weight finally stopped dropping (I'm about 135 now. Which I haven't been since eighth grade, when I was 3 or 4 inches shorter and barely a B cup), it hasn't come back, even a bit. So my pants are all still way too big. Belts can only do so much, you know? Even my jammy pants are a bit problematic.

Yeah, I know it's weird. I'm probably the only girl on the planet who only has body image problems because she LOST weight. I was perfectly happy the way I was. Now, not so much. I'm not terribly pleased with my shape anymore, and I'm terrified of losing more. If it goes, my curves will most likely go with it, and I'm not okay with that. I like my figure. I liked it even more before it started shrinking. Maybe more junk food and less (ha! like that's really possible) excercise will help. Or not.

And I need to cut my hair, though that has nothing to do with anything at all. But hey, I don't have much to do with anything, either, so I daresay it doesn't really matter much. :P


Sparty said...

Hey there. I'm glad to hear that things aren't going poorly for you.. At least, it *sounds* like you've got some positive going on. I miss my pet too, so I know what you mean about your dog.

I'm in a rare state of general 'I'm doing okay'ness. Not really happy, but not depressed or upset, really. Oh, this is probably irrelavent, but I figured that you'd get half-a-kick out of it.. My new roommate took me out Friday night.. And I drank. That was probably the biggest letdown of my life. I figured that I'd get the typical loss of inhibitions, but seeing as it's me, it didn't happen.. Let's see... It took... 2 beers, a coke and something tonic, a couple swigs of brandy, a long island iced tea, and a shot of yeager (sp?) to finally get me drunk. Granted my balance was a *little* funky after the first four or five drinks, it wasn't until the yeager stuff that I wasn't feeling good. And still... All that happened was my balance took a bit of work, (I still walked pretty straight, too) I couldn't see as straight (Which didn't matter because my glasses snapped in half, so I'm usually pretty screwed now), and I had a slight bit of trouble listening. For all that booze, I thought I'd be either a party animal or weepy and depressed. Figures all I got was nauseous. Curses.

Oh well, I hope you're feeling better, and I'll need a new phone number for you now, so help me out.

Take care.

Bekah said...

I'm sorry for being distant. I wasn't particularly trying to be...but I guess that's just sort of how I am. I don't really get close to people very easily, if at all. I will tell you that I certainly wasn't trying to distance myself from you, though. I've just had a lot going on, what with my brother and all, and I just sort of shut down.

So...I'm sorry?