From Blank to Blank--/A Threadless Way

So apparently a friend of mine got married and never bothered to tell me. I don't think I have to point out how much this hurt, so this entry is mostly a petty bit of revenge and spite on the off-chance that a mutual friend, he, or even his wife, will read this and know who I'm talking about.
So, to the new bride of my friend:
Did you know his ex believes he raped her? Did you know another ex changed her cell number, her email address, and moved 2 hours away to get away from him? Did you know that he desperately wanted to get married to justify his desire to have sex? Did you know he tried to kill his sister?

Sure, he's got his good features. Obviously, he's not a total cretin, or else I wouldn't be friends with him. Actually, considering my track record with cretins, it's entirely possible that I would be friends with him if he was nothing but a cretin. But he isn't. He has his moments.

Like I said, I'm bitter and hurt and upset that apparently a 9-year friendship meant too little to deserve notice, let alone an invite. So in my hurt and anger, I hope she finds out what you're really like.

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