Small spider weave on a silver sleeve/Oh weave your grey web nearer

So. Today was Christmas. I was hoping it would snow, and it didn’t. Well, no, it did a tiny bit this evening.
I got loot. Including a gift card for Barnes & Noble, like last year—but that doesn’t diminish the awesomeness. I also got clothes, for the first time in…ever. I’ve honestly never gotten clothes for Christmas before. It’s…interesting, I guess. Oh, and here’s a weird factoid: I didn’t get any actual books. Not a one. Weird, huh? The gift card will more than tide me over, though.
I’m not terribly keen on the idea of spending the next week here in New York. I have to admit, there are places I would MUCH rather be. Unfortunately, unless people suddenly become rich, I’m staying here. *sniff* I’m finally not indifferent. And, when I’m finally not indifferent, everything goes ‘poof’ and disappears, much to my chagrin.
Saw my cousins (second cousins? first cousins once removed?) Jennifer and Janet yesterday for the first time in 13 years. It was weird and a bit awkward at first, but things got better very quickly, and it ended on a rather pleasant note.
I’m still feeling pretty good about myself. Odd, I know, but hey—I’m not going to argue. Plus, I won something. For the first time in, like, ever. (I can’t believe I just said ‘like.’ I should go commit seppuku for it, I’m so ashamed of myself) But it’s definitely a prize worth winning; in my opinion, it’s actually far better than what I deserve.
I’m exhausted. I haven’t even been up for twelve hours, but I think a lot of it (‘it’ being the tiredness) has to do with being surrounded by lots of people, none of whom I’m entirely comfortable with, for the past several days. Hopefully, now that the wedding is over and Christmas is done (well, it will be done in 9 minutes), things will quiet down and the insane chaos will just go away. I hope.
Pray my senioritis goes away. I’m seriously beginning to consider the merits of dropping out. I just don’t care about school anymore.
On a completely different note, Hock is trying to get me to start WoW again. I gave stringent (in my opinion, anyway) requirements that must be met for me to resume playing…so, who knows? Maybe Viaka will be present once again within the warlock ranks of Stormscale. Or maybe not.
And finally, to close…weasel butter.

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