Raven's lad upon her hair/Clouds adrift on her skin

About 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor to get checked for a couple of things, one of them a UTI because my lower back was hurting. Turns out, I didn't have a UTI but a mild case of pyelonephritis, which is scary--even more scary is the fact that my back wasn't hurting because of it. I had a symptomless kidney infection.
What was making my back hurt, you ask? Well, this morning I went to the chiropractor, and it turns out that my tailbone was out of place. As well as another bone 2/3 up my spine and two bones in my neck. Woo-hoo. So now my back still hurts, but it hurts in a "been jerked around and the muscles are sore" type of way as opposed to a "there is something seriously wrong with my back" kind of way.
And so the saga of Winter and The Medical Problems That Won't Quit continues...

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