And you're laying on the ground/All messy and dead

Soooo....yesterday Andrew and I went out to eat and we ran into this girl who's been after Andrew since the dawn of time--no, not the Slut from New Year's, this is a different girl. Long complicated backstory which NO I will not share, even if you ask. Thellie knows, but I doubt she'd tell you either. Anyway, the girl in question was giving me death glares every time she looked at me; it was all I could do not to snuggle up to Andrew even more. She picked up this weird-ass "musician" type on Tuesday, I think solely to try to make Andrew jealous...trust me, people, it's not working. If the guy will have her, more power to them both. She's called him twice since yesterday, asking him what he "thinks of Guy." I'm actually rather proud of Andrew for not pointing out the fact that he's kind of a greasy unwashed (redundancy alert, I know) creepyish (just creepyish, not full-blown creepy) OLD guy. Who apparently still lives with his mother, but he's ALMOST 50. *shudder* He reminds me of Jarvis, just less icky. Granted, that's not saying a whole lot, but still...
All right, I'm off to work in a little bit. Just wanted to update you on the pseudodrama that my life has become.

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