What I've felt, what I've known/Never shined through in what I've shown

So apparently I have this bad habit-slash-problem of not actually showing my emotions on my face or through my body language unless they're on the intense side. This is, in fact, a problem because my default stance is once of "F*** with me and I'll rip your face off." More or less, anyway, according to various friends. The whole visibly conveying emotions thing is rather more of a struggle than I thought it would be, but I'm getting there. Apparently on New Year's Eve I successfully conveyed "I am approachable and friendly", though Lord only knows how hard it was to do, to constantly monitor my body language and facial expressions and control even the subtlest movements therein in an effort to avoid the scary-Winter bit. Oh, and I just totally avoided the one chick who was all about Andrew, because if I'd ever looked her square in the eye she would have seen the challenge in it. It's funny...everybody there was convinced the girl could take me in a fight because she used to ride bulls or some such; everybody except Andrew, that is. I outweigh the girl by about ten pounds and have a good four-inch reach on her, plus I know how to hit people so they don't get back up. But as I was a guest in her home, I felt it best not to set anybody off in that direction.
Oh! And Thellie, next time I talk to you online or on the phone or whatever, ask me about Stacy. You'll love this, trust me. It's funnier than bunny grenades.

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