Even the man in the moon disappears/Somewhere in the stratosphere

So New Years with friends was good. Very interesting. This one girl was shooting daggers at me the whole time, because apparently she had designs on Andrew and he conveyed to her in no uncertain terms that he wasn't interested, and never really was--especially since not only is the girl in question married, but her husband was there. *does the awkward turtle* Apparently that's just what she's like, and that really just kinda sorta appalls me to no end. Ugh.
There's a really nifty poster up on the Coraline movie website--didn't I tell you? Neil Gaiman's Coraline has been made into a movie by Henry Selick, who's the guy who did Nightmare Before Christmas. It's just an old-fashioned advert, featuring buttons. If you've read the book, you'll understand why it's so freaking cool.
I've got some pictures from New Year's, of me and Andrew. They're really adorable and I actually look good. OK, technically they're on Andrew's camera and computer, but once I get my hands on them they will be transferred over to the public domain, i.e. my Facebook and my blog. Actually, there's one that he took of just me that turned out marvelously well, and I think I'll post that as my profile photo on my Facebook.
That's all for now, toodles!
p.s. I love Hock! He's amazing.

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