This can't be love/Because I feel so well

So before I move on to the main substance of the post, I have a story to tell. I was in a car accident today, kind of. Don't panic, I'm fine, the Joj is fine, the car is fine (mostly). No worries at this point. I think. Basically when I was trying to turn the car decided it would neither slow down nor turn, so I went straight into a traffic island thingy in the road. I went up over the snow and ice, but I got back off just fine, no worries at that point either. I get into the parking lot I was originally aiming for, and check the car over for damages. I see no dents, no scrapes, and nothing hanging down from underneath the car. Again, no worries. Until I get back in the car, and smell gas. Lots of it. But I made it home just fine, and told Dad, and he wasn't too terribly worried about it either. So, no biggie. He'll get whatever's wrong with it (if there's anything actually wrong with it) fixed and all will be well. Hopefully before Monday because I work and Mom works and the kids go back to school and I think that's the day when Sam goes back to TX. Speaking of Sam, we haven't fought once yet, which surprises me. Granted, we haven't exchanged more than about seven words at a time, either. Can I have a boo-yah for the uneasy truce?

On to the substance of the post. This one will actually be a bit tricky, because the Blogger format vs. the LJ format is slightly different and therefore requires more maneuvering of HTML and links and whatnot, but here's a brave effort presented by yours truly, of me and Andrew from New Years. And yes, I had tarted myself up a bit there, but I figure I dress like a convent teacher the rest of the year, why not have a little fun one night a year? So, here's me and Andrew #1. Quick aside: my hair has grown long again, so I'm getting another two inches hacked off the back and an inch off the front when I get round to it.
Yes, that's a tattoo on his arm. He has 3 of them.

All right, on to Me and Andrew #2:

I thought the above was a sweet picture. And the mark on his cheek? Not from me, actually. It's a scar from his childhood. Cooler thing yet? He's got another scar on the other side of his face, going down from his eyebrow past the corner of his eye onto his cheek, just like you read about it books. My only complaint is that it's not terribly prominent.

All right, Me and Andrew #3:

He's such a dork sometimes...but his obvious pride in being with me just...I don't know, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Last one, #4:

Aaaaand I think this one speaks for itsel

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