Let us go then, you and I/When evening is spread out against the sky

Today was the second day I worked at the middle school. A total of 4 white people work there, and 5 white kids attend. Everyone else is black or Hispanic. Oh, and two of the white kids have been suspended for a week for fighting; and another is being sent to military school in a month--it's either that or he does 5-10 for grand theft and a federal offense. (Lovely kids, these)

It's odd, being in the minority race again, but in a way it's somewhat reassuring--although I have no idea why.

During the so-called "translating" part of my day (when all I do is sit around and read or write, because the kids speak English as well as your average American--not that that's saying a whole lot. I mean, their grammar and syntax are abysmal, but again, so is the average American's. But I digress), Pat, the woman I'm working with, asked one of the students what a particular piece of candy was called. The girl in question is not the brightest crayon in the box, and therefore was searching for words when I (not thinking) piped up from my doodling with "it's something like dulce de naranja." Only two of the kids heard me (the two boys), and they both stared at me like I had turned into a cow and started to moo. They gaped like fish for a good thirty seconds, when one finally regained his mind enough to demand to know why I sounded like a Mexican. (Which I took offense to. I do not sound like a Mexican.) I gave them my "watch-out-or-I'll-suspend-your-sorry-butt" look (which I want to copyright, by the way) and told them that I had grown up in South America, which elicited male demands that I speak Spanish, which I refused. When they pressed for a reason, I gave them two: One, there was no good reason for me to do it; and two, because I'm malvada (which, while not directly translatable, means something between wicked, malevolent, and mischeivous); and both comments were given with my standard glower (which I also want to copyright).

Funny part--both found my Spanish enticing, or something, because they suddenly became very friendly and courteous, a sure sign they either have a crush on me or are deathly afraid of me. I'm not sure which one I'm hoping for; namely because both produce good behaviour, cooperation, and diligent work; and that's what I'm hoping to get from them.

Well, it's dinnertime, and I'm hungry. Perhaps more will come later, although I doubt it. I've done enough writing to last me a month (I spent 4 hours today writing in the journal I brought with me, and only stopped because my hand cramped and thereby derailed my train of thought).

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