This is my letter to the world/That never wrote to me

I finally decided to take Mateo's words to heart and switch over to Blogger....gah, Mateo, shame on you. I'm the one who's supposed to influence people; not the other way around.

And yes, the name is rather different from the old one...I had a comment about how disturbing and somewhat upsetting it was, (after numerous similar comments) and I suppose it was the comment that broke the blogger's tenacity, so to speak. (Wow, that was a crummy metaphor. But I'm tired, so I forgive me) So, here's the new one.

Yeah, I know it's still not the most cheerful of names, but I've always loved winter, and the peace it seems to bring with it. It hushes the world, and when snow falls it turns even the barest, plainest tree into something beautiful. I guess I wish winter could do that to me, too.

Hopefully, I'll finally overcome my paranoia of "publishing" my fiction and post some of it up here. Hopefully. Maybe. Perhaps.


Othella said...

Good luck on the new blog. I just found out that during the school year, just about everybody that I know and like from HS and church, including a couple of pastors are now using blogger. I'm thinking of switching as well.

brainwave64 said...

Yes, I would love to see some of your fiction posted online. The absence of "The Published Works of Sarah Kautzmann" is a grave loss to humanity, in my (honestly) humble opinion (remember, I attended your 'reading').

Mateo Palos said...

Huh. Somebody else switched, too. I must've put some level points into Charisma without noticing it.

Anyway, welcome to the club. Major (peaceful) props for posting your fiction; even if some of mine had survived I don't know that I would haven done that.