The Soul has Bandaged moments--/When too appalled to stir--

Your Slanguage Profile

British Slang: 100%
Prison Slang: 75%
Canadian Slang: 50%
Aussie Slang: 25%
Victorian Slang: 25%
New England Slang: 0%
Southern Slang: 0%

What Slanguage Do You Speak?

That was certainly interesting. Nice knowing that I speak the slang of the country in which I want to live once I finish at Taylor U.

Today was a bandage day--not bad, not good; just okay enough for me to (metaphorically speaking) suture and wrap my wounds. I'm frustrated, doubtful, hesitant, and pessimistic--in short, the same as usual. I'm just hoping that a day will come (ideally, soon) where, just for that one day, I can be me--the happy me. Goodness knows my happy side doesn't make many appearances, and it usually leaves battered and broken. Just one day...

On a brighter note, I made two people smile today. It's a bit comforting, knowing that even in my own gloom, I can still help others feel better.

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