The supplication of a dead man's hand/Under the twinkle of a fading star

I feel compelled to write, although I have nothing to tell. Well, I discovered some very interesting things about Austin and, erm, Sesame Street.

I feel odd about this coming year; I know that it will be very, very different from the last two years. Friends have gone, relationships have ended or changed. I doubt I'll be spending a lot of time with all the same people...I doubt I'll be over at Swallow much, if at all--I have no strong bonds over there anymore. Sorry, Mateo, but let's face it--we're not all that close. Crim, Hock, Cassis are off campus, Jenn has gone; my harem of Bergwall men has been drastically reduced to two. Speaking of the harem, I need a new Italian lover, seeing as Tony's gone, too.

I wish I could fix things for people; but the things that usually need fixing can't be mended by me.

I'm trying to motivate myself to get up off my lazy butt and write a story or three, as I have about a million and a half ideas jammed in my mind right now. Sometimes being a world-class procrastinator sucks the big one.

Oh, and Thellie--call me! We need to figure out the final room thing, and we need to get bathroom stuff, too....722.0572. I'm free Saturday.


Malruniel11 said...

YES! I finally got your phone number! I kept forgetting to ask you for it before I left school, and then it completely left my mind the couple of times you called me. I'll call later today after my class.

Malruniel11 said...

this is a brilliant observation. Where do we want to meet at the mall? Or do we want to meet somewhere else and go there? I've forgotten to make this arrangement before and completely missed the person I was going to see.

Mateo Palos said...

Eh. I'll still run into you in Berg. I have plenty of friends on 3rd & 4th, so I'll be there often for open house. Oh, and class, too.