And there's nothing wrong with me/This is how I'm supposed to be

More ridiculousness. Ridiculosity? I need to get all three of these guys together so I can bitch them out simultaneously; three for the price of one. There was, apparently, a bit of a fistfight last night about the whole deal and all I can think is, holy hell, people, we're not in high school anymore. I'm not, anyway, and I'm younger than these guys. On the bright side, though, I did manage to convince two of them that all I want is friendship, now if I can only convince Z. I'm set. I think he'll be the hard case, as he's already convinced that A. "sabotaged his relationship" with me. I can't help but wonder, what relationship? Was there something going on that I was completely unaware of? On the bright side, Winter's Soap Opera (as I have taken to calling it) is providing hours of amusement for some of my coworkers; M., B., and N. in particular. Since I'm working tonight I'll have to update them further. *shakes head* What have I done to deserve this near-hell? All I wanted was friends, not a near-twice divorcee, a recent release from rehab, and a player coming after me. Either this will blow over into oblivion very soon, or things will continue to spiral out of my control into some sort of fabulous display of male immaturity. I'd really like this to end quietly and quickly, but I have to admit, the sadist in me kind of wants to watch the three of them fight it out in a sort of Battle Royale. Except...the one I like best *snicker*, (meaning the only one who listened to me from the start about not wanting anything but friendship) would probably get decimated first.
It would still be rather amusing. I could probably sell tickets and popcorn and make a tidy sum out of it.

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