Can this be/What you really wanted, baby?

So the weekend was wonderful; L. and H. are fantastic, sweet people. We ended up staying an extra day because there were four-foot snowdrifts across the roads and Andrew drives a little car, a Grand Prix that has trouble with 4 inches of snow, let alone 4 feet. I did have a little bit of a bad moment, on Sunday, when I realised I'd be missing work and be stuck in a house with people for longer than I thought, and then it hit me all at once that I hadn't had more than about 3 minutes to myself the whole time, and usually I need a couple of hours of "me time" each day. So the noise and whatnot became very overwhelming very quickly and so I bolted and hid in the guest room for a couple of hours; but after that I was fine.
So far so good with the Christmas garbage. I still need to wrap everything and make the cheesecake for Andrew's dad, but other than that I'm all set--go me, go me, I win.
And I need to call Michelle....I get the feeling she's going to kill me when she hears what I've been up to, but most likely in a good way. Does that make sense?

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