You refuse to see/I'm in agony

So the Invega (the latest med, the one with the nasty side effect) is out of my system. How can I tell? Well, not only is the side effect in question almost gone, but I'm back to running out of energy really quickly, having trouble sleeping and sleeping all the time (yes, simultaneously. Go figure). And the best part? The absolute most wonderful thing?

I'm throwing up again.

Yep. I'm back to being randomly sick whenever my godforsaken stomach decides to act up, which in the past few days has been rather often. I'm thinking it's so bad right now out of spite, because the Invega is an antiemetic (stops nausea and vomiting for those who don't ask for an OED every Christmas) so strong it kills morning sickness. So needless to say while I was on it I was fine, never an ill-feeling moment.

On a completely different note, Andrew is coming over for dinner tonight. Yeah, Christmas dinner. *gulp* I'm nervous as all hell and from what I've gleaned from talking to him earlier, he's nervous too. I'd beat my head against my desk, but I'd probably be sick from the rapid movement. GRAWR. This sucks big time. The nausea, I mean, not Andrew coming over. I'm excited about that, though yes, I'm nervous too.

Christmas (so far, at least) wasn't bad emotionally this year. I think because the economy sucks so bad right now that retailers didn't push Christmas quite as hard as they did last year (or at least that's how it seems to me). I didn't hear much holiday music on the radio, and there weren't a whole lot of decorations up. All of that, I'm relatively sure, helped me cope this time round. Combined with the fact that I slept through yesterday---almost literally the whole day, I was up for maybe 3 hours--it seems that I successfully avoided Christmas this year, hurrah hurrah.

I'm still losing weight. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow morning about it, because it's really really starting to scare me a lot. And maybe I can get the nausea fixed at the same time. *crosses fingers* Light candles for me, please. Or pray, or dance, or whatever you do.

*Gulp* Andrew's here.

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