And the promises/They may or may not have made

No brain tumor. I was scared, yesterday. I have to admit. Absolutely terrified...I mean, come on. Your doctor may only be following protocol but still--there's a chance you could have a freaking brain tumor and that's a REALLY BIG DEAL. A really scary big deal. But I'm okay now.
I'm also better now. I went back to the doctor's this morning after work--which was awful, by the way. They pulled people from elsewhere to help me, even though therewere only two clients for me to get ready this morning. You know the sad part? I could barely do anything this morning. Even with help. I was so out of it...So my coworkers made an Executive Decision (because Office Staff has, of late, not been showing up on time) and sent me home a half-hour early and had one of the night attendants stay late. Anyway, I went back to the doctor who gave me an IV of something and....it worked. I mean, I still have a headache, but it's very mild--as in, I can just ignore it and I'm fine. I haven't felt this way in ages. I'd jump about with glee, but I'm afraid of bringing the headache back. So I'll just sit quietly and be happy.

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