I'll know it by the feeling/The moment that we're meeting

Sorry it's been so long. I'm not sure if you've been worried or indifferent, either way, I'm back. I know you care that I'm back, at least, because you're actually reading this. So. Not sure where I was going with that.
The Headache basically came back with a vengeance and knocked me flat on my back, enough to nearly knock me unconscious. I've only ever hurt that bad before once, when some internal stitches ruptured about a week after my surgery. Anyway, I made it to the doctor (a different doctor this time, my regular doctor) who asked me a few questions and told me I have bilateral migraines. Which explains why I didn't originally think the Headache was a migraine, because aforementioned migraines tend to focus on one part of the head, whereas mine was all over at the same time. Anyway, it's mostly better now. Not completely, but for usually 18 or 20 hours a day I'm fine. Which is a HUGE relief.
My tooth got fixed, too. Just a little aside there.
I'm trying not to let my excitement and nerves get the better of me. So far, so good, but by Thursday morning I'll probably be a twitchy wreck. Ugh.
The work drama continues. The client who's been in and out of the hospital for the past eight weeks got home last Friday (not the most recent one, but the one before that), had a psychotic break and went back to the hospital the next day. He came back again this past Thursday, with nothing changed except for an increase in his Ativan levels, which won't do him ANY good when he starts seeing snakes coming out of his throat like he did last time, except maybe he won't freak out and instead he'll be all, "oh, look, snakes. Cool." Anyway, on Saturday morning he freaked out again so he went BACK to the hospital. Again. In the past eight weeks he's been home for six days. I wish the office staff (composed primarily of idiots) would quit thinking about funding and just do the right thing, which is put him in the state hospital where they can keep him safe while they fix whatever's wrong with him. But, of course, I'm a lowly night attendant. Why would anyone ever listen to me, even though what I have to say is freaking common sense? I give up.
On to another issue. I was told last night by a coworker that I have the body of a calendar girl. I thanked her, and didn't crack up laughing until she was out of earshot. I'm sorry, but...me? Come on. I'm a freaking size eight. Size eights aren't calendar girls. Size fours, maybe. Twos, yes. Eights, no. Plus, I'm not exactly, erm, toned. Okay, fine, I admit it. From the neck down I'm not unappealing. From the neck up is another story. I've never, ever been conventionally beautiful, or even unconventionally beautiful. And I'm actually, finally, becoming okay with that. Because beauty fades. Personality, however, is forever, and I've got personality in freaking spades. I'm better at charming people with who I am than with how I look. Actually, until I started playing WoW I'd only ever had one guy hit on me, and that was Aaron. But when people couldn't see me, but just talk to me and hear me, things changed a lot. I grew so much more confident, because I realised that, yes, personality does in fact matter. Looks aren't everything.
Ironically, it was after I figured that out that my boobs finally decided to expand alarmingly to full-D size. I'm a bit worried about buying more bras, though, because every time I do, I go up another size. I'm not too keen on that, really.
What else? Oh, yes. Because I'm stupid, I bought a shirt that lights up. Don't ask. When I get the time I'm going to operate and remove the bits that light up, and maybe jump on them a bit, just for fun.
I got Chalice in the mail, but I'm saving it for the plane ride. Only McKinley could hold my attention, but I might actually just end up sleeping, because my dad is being very stubborn and a bit stupid and refusing to drive me to the airport himself and rather is making me do it. Normally I'd be thrilled, because I love to drive, but there's a slight...ok, more than slight problem. I'll be coming off a night shift. As in, I will have been up for quite some time, and will have to stay up for quite some time longer. I was kind of counting on being able to nap in the car on the way up, but obviously I can't do that if I'm driving. I wish I was like the thingummy demon from Sunshine that gets all the sleep it needs by blinking its eyes. Wouldn't that be great?

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