I got back Sunday. Yes, yes, I know I promised I'd post when I got back, but I was tired and the Headache (which I almost successfully mostly ignored while with Nate) returned with a vengeance...I kinda sorta passed out for a little tiny bit on Wednesday morning while I was getting ready for work, so I didn't go to work. Don't panic, it was only for a couple of minutes--I checked the clock. It's the first time it happened, and I didn't get hurt or anything, so I don't think it's a big deal. I found out that the migraine meds, while reputed to be super-effective, take a freaking MONTH to start working, which is why I'm still in bleep-loads of pain. I'm slowly destroying my liver with the enormous quantities of Advil and Tylenol it's taking to maintain functionality, but...at least I'm still functioning. Right? Right?
Ok, on to my story of the trip. The vast majority of it is none of your business, because I don't want to post details of my relationship with Nate all over the Internets. But I will say this--it was wonderful. Every single part of it, even the part where the car broke down and we were stuck on the side of the road in eighty degree weather for forty-five minutes. God, I've gotten sappy. I will, however, to soothe your voyeuristic souls, post three pictures. Two are of Nate and I, and one is of a gift he gave me--something he bought me (apparently awhile ago) at a Ren fair.

This necklace is the kind of thing I'd look at and walk away from regretfully, thinking, "I love it, but I just couldn't possibly justify it..." I absolutely love it. I don't wear it to work, and it kills me not to, but...if a client grabbed it and it broke, I'd probably burst into tears and cry for quite a while. Keep in mind, though, that on the rare occasions that I do cry, it never lasts longer than 30 seconds. And even that's pushing it.

Next picture: Me and Nate. Or Nate and I. Whichever.

I'm grinning like an idiot, but what can I say? He makes me happy.

Last picture. Also me and Nate, or Nate and I.

So I know I said I was nervous about seeing him again for the first time in years, etc, etc. And I was. Terrified. But...when I saw him, actually saw him, waiting at the airport, it was like all of the fear flew out the window (and at airports they have very large windows). The only way to describe the change is...ok, have any of you read Sunshine? Lovely book, dark, about vampires. Anyway, the main character, Rae, at one point has her own personal magic-handling capabilities change in her, and she describes it as a settling-down, as a filling. And that's what I felt. A settling-down, a filling. A rightness. Visiting Nate was the right thing to do. It had to be done. For the time being, at (the very) least, we belong together.
And I'm not scared anymore.

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