It's six a.m; I'm so tired/The alarm sounds, a new day begins

I really don't want to go on about how work went this morning, except that I am proud to say that for perhaps the first time in my life, I did not cave in to authority when it was wrong, and I stood my ground and explained my standpoint--namely, that I called in sick because I was in too much pain to walk straight. I don't think she believed me, but the letter from my doctor that had been faxed over earlier helped, I think.
I spent all day yesterday hiding in bed, because two days away from the IV's hurt too much. Which is a bad sign. I'm actually in craploads of pain now, too--I haven't had my happy baggie of meds yet (not for another half hour, grawr), but I made myself go to work because I need the money to pay off the copay for the CT scan I had to have to prove it wasn't a brain tumor and to pay off the happy baggies of meds because my parents, though they "don't begrude me this" are refusing to help pay for it (so I'm wondering where the "begrudging" bit came from), for reasons that will only start another rant. I'm grateful that I've been at REM long enough now that I can do everything there by rote, otherwise I'd have been screwed. Anyway, I didn't go back to bed to hide again because if I had I know I would have ignored that hateful alarm clock and problems would have arisen. Or should I say Problems? Anyway, it's off to the doctor for me now. Yay for the happy baggie, though I will end up looking like a heroin junkie by the end of the week, with my arms covered in needle marks and bruises.

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