If my words have forked no lightning/Never shall I sleep again

Just a quickie because I'm going to sleep for awhile. I came back from my (first ever!) CT scan just now...we'll see how things are either later today or tomorrow. My dad, after hearing how bad the Headache got (the vomiting, passing out, etc) while he was away made an Executive Decision and took me to the doctor, who quizzed me on various things, tested me on other things, injected me with something that was supposed to make the pain stop (it made the pain less, a little--down to almost an 8, which is non-vomit-inducing level [sorry for the graphic image]), but all it really did was make my hip hurt. My dad asked me why I seem(ed) to be revelling in my misery/illness/whatever, and I explained to him that it was either that or cry. Upon which I started crying. Which made my head hurt worse, which I didn't think possible.
And now I'm going to bed.

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