When the stars threw down their spears/Shattered heaven with their tears

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. I'm very excited about it. Maybe it will snow on my birthday, too, which would be a wonderful present *hint hint* (though I'm not sure who I'm hinting at, to be honest). I love snow. It's white and it's cold and it's fluffy and it's pretty. It makes everything better, somehow. Granted, it's also wet and can get brown and slushy, but I'm far enough north where it doesn't get slushy till March. I can live with that.
Unfortunately the snow is not supposed to stick, given that it's only supposed to be forty degrees out tomorrow. I don't mind too much, although a good proper snow would be nice.
My head doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would, though I've been popping Tylenol left and right whenever I woke up today....although, granted, I woke up at eight this morning, took two Tylenol, ate a bowl of cereal, and went back to bed, thinking I'd get up around noon...next time I roll over and look at the clock, it says seven-oh-eight, and I think, "that can't be right, it must be broken." Then I realise: pee-em, you idiot. I slept all day.
Which is huge, because until this past week with the IV's I haven't been sleeping much without taking lots of sleeping pills. So this is kind of nice, being able to catch up on my sleep and whatnot. And there's always the reassuring knowledge that my doctor reminded me that it was perfectly okay for me to head on over to the emergency room if I needed to. Ugh. More needles. When I was younger the mere sight of a needle gave me screaming fits, and now here I am looking forward to my daily (well, not currently daily, but you know what I mean) sticking with an inch-long needle. How things change as we age, what?
Aren't you proud of me? A reasonably lengthy entry, and no ranting today. (Granted, I'm still tired--I'm going back to bed now--but still, be proud. BE PROUD, DAMMIT!)

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