I'll come into your world/See through your eyes

So the shindig thing went over far better than I was expecting, mostly because only two people showed up (apart from J. and J.) instead of like six. I can handle two strangers; more is pushing it. I was planning on staying for two hours; I ended up staying for ten and--here's the kicker--I didn't want to leave. How weird is that?
I have tentative plans for Monday afternoon and early evening.
There were awkward moments, sure; but with me, at least, there are always awkward moments. I'm not sure if that's normal for most people, since I'm fully aware that I'm not normal, but there you go.

And since I got my hair cut, things have been...different. I've only had it cut since Monday and I've already been hit on by four different people. Me, who never gets hit on. Ever. Not even by people that I'm dating. It's a strange, strange experience.
Anyway, if you want the details of the party, feel free to ask me about them, but I'm not going to post them here. Things got too interesting on a few counts for me to be willing to post them here. Besides, it would take about an hour of typing, and I do about 65 or 70 words a minute...yeah. Long story.

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