Last thing I remember, I was/Running for the door

I'm glad the elections are over. Abraham Lincoln once compared them to big boils--painful and unsightly. Granted, he then went on to say how things go on to be so much better when they're over, blah blah blah, but the first part definitely made me smile. He apparently didn't even vote for himself--he ripped his name off the ballot before he cast it. I kind of wish the candidates would go back to campaigning the way they did in Lincoln's day--by not campaigning. They just sat around and hoped their past track record would sit well with voters, and waited. Everyone who campaigned lost. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Sadly, it's the other way around nowadays.
At work, S. has a rash. A nasty one, that's spread through contact. I got really paranoid when I was working with him so I donned one of those protective gowns that they use in hospitals--just watch. I'll end up with the rash anyway. I lucked out this morning, though, because I wasn't scheduled in his apartment; I was, instead, scheduled elsewhere. I thought, hey, great, a break from apartment one! Yay! Or not so great, because the guy I was working with was in a horrible mood and basically beat the shit out of me. I doubt I'll have bruises, because I don't bruise easily anymore, but I'm a little sore. The guy in question is over six feet tall and usually moves slowly, but when he's angry (like this morning) moves really fast. I had to have someone else come in to help me get him dressed, and by "help me" I mean hold him down. It wasn't my idea of a good time.
D-Day is only a couple of weeks away. Can I speed up time to make it two weeks ago?

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