Wake me up inside/Call my name and save me from the dark

Things are getting weirder and slightly complicated. On the bright side, the weirdness has effectively destroyed my desire for someone else to hurt. It's just...weird. I've talked to several people about it, though, and their advice is all the same--embrace the weirdness, because I deserve something good in my life.
Not sure I believe them about the last part there, but...yeah.
I found out this morning that it turns out I was right about the lung cancer. I feel horrible, being right. It's...frustrating. I don't even have her phone number to call her to let her know I'm praying for her. Oh, yeah, there's a weird one--me, praying again. *shrugs* Things change. I like this woman, she's strong and kind and truly cares about people, and now she could very well be dying.
On the bright side, my soap-opera life has, apparently, convinced several people that I work with that I'm not some sort of uptight bitch, and I've received several offers to "hang out" in the past two days. Which is really cool, actually, because it just may mean that I'm finally making friends here. It's only been a year, so this could be rushing it...(note the heavy sarcasm there)
I've been reading up on headache cures, or at least temporary fixes, and I found a couple that sound possible. If my headaches don't completely go away by Christmas, I'll see what I can do about putting them into practice.

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