Remember who you are, what you stand for/There will always be a way

So yesterday morning I woke up early (weird, I know) and I look outside and there's snow on the ground. Not a dusting of snow, but enough snow to cover all the grass. I'm completely thrilled by this, so what do I do? I pound on my parent's door--at 6 am--to let them know that it snowed. Totally thrilled here. Except that it's not been cold enough for it to completely stay, so even though it snowed a good six more inches yesterday, it mostly melted overnight. It's almost all gone today, which makes me very sad. But I did enjoy my first proper snow of the season. Which brings me to a question that I would like all of you (at least, those of you interested) to answer: are there any non-Christmas songs related to winter, or snow? Winter has always been my favourite time of year (probably because I've had about 14 of them now instead of 24) but I've not been able to find any songs that bring up the beauty of it that don't relate to the disgusting commerciality that has become Christmas. Has anyone else noticed that Thanksgiving has completely disappeared? I mean, Halloween decorations were up in stores next to the Christmas trees, and Thanksgiving, which is really the only historically American holiday that isn't associated with mattress sales go passed over. New holiday, everyone: Hallowistmas! Decorate your tree with skeletons and orange lights, and top it with a jack-o-lantern.
On to some worrisome news, at least for me. I'm still losing weight, kind of, and I'm freaking out about it. Yesterday I put my jeans on, realised they were my sisters, and then promptly went "oh shit" because they were too big for me. My sister is a stick and though I've only got about an inch and a half on her, I've also got thirty pounds on her. I'm not entirely sure how this is possible. So I'm eating more junk and drinking more pop and hoping against hope that this whole thing will go away because soon my cheekbones are going to start sticking out and I don't want to be any thinner than I already am.
Next weekend I think I'm going clean the carpets at work. I have no idea how that will go, because I don't know how to use the carpet cleaner. Well, folks, it'll be an experiment for all of us and at least if I flood the building it will have all weekend to dry out.
Less than one week until Wrath of the Lich King comes out; I'm rather terribly excited about it even though I've staunchly refused looking at most of the information about it simply because I don't want to get my hopes up to only have them dashed by my expectations being either too high or merely way off base. Sadly, I fear it's too late for Quantum of Solace; every time I see a trailer for it I want to go "squee" because (shoot me if you like) I love Daniel Craig as James Bond. I've seen most of the others, except that I got bored halfway through Thunderball and never saw the ones with George Lazenby (who shouldn't count because he only did one) or Timothy Dalton. But we'll see...

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