I'll let you blame it on me/Set yourself free

Sorry it's been so long, but I've been working extra this week due to various unforseen circumstances, including a girl calling in sick because "someone was trying to kill her."
I shampooed the carpet at work; the downstairs and the front stairwell, anyway. Took me two hours on my hands and knees to do the downstairs rug, but when I was done it looked fantastic. The next night I went in and there were beets all over the rug. Beets. You know, purple root vegetable that leaves HORRIBLE STAINS on rugs. I freaking hate beets now.
I have lots more stories to tell, because not only was it a long week, but it's been eventful, but I'll probably write more about them tomorrow because stories don't exactly go anywhere.
Except for one. Last Wednesday was absolutely horrible, I spent most of the day either in tears or fighting not to cry--and all because I misunderstood something horribly. It was like something out of a nightmare and it was all in my head. I'm just so convinced that good things don't happen to me that when they do, I'm convinced they'll be taken away as soon as the powers that be realise their mistake in giving me something positive.
T minus two days and counting. Wish me luck.

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