A disease of the mind/It can control you

So now my headache has gone from being just behind my eyes to being my whole freaking head, and it somehow hurts worse, if that was possible. Nothing's making it go away, and it's starting to really suck. Plus I'm having these horrific nightmares, and they're only getting worse. I'm seeing my doctor (again!) tomorrow, and maybe this whole mess will get fixed.
G. is back in the hospital, poor guy. He's barely able to move, his eyes don't focus, he's not even strong enough to speak. Again. On a brighter note, though, the jackass who let him wallow in his own filth two weeks ago finally got fired. YAY! I was thrilled when I heard, even though now we're running short-staffed. To be honest, I'd much rather run short than deal with him...ever again.
I ordered a few more books today, ones that disappeared in the Baer black hole. Some of them, anyway. Replacing all of them will cost lots more than I can afford at one time. Plus I still have to replace the clothes that joined the books on their little walkabout, and it makes me sad because some of those clothes I really liked. *shrugs* Oh, well. Story of my life, right?

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