When I start to crumble/You know how to keep me smiling

So I know it's been two days, but in my defense I've been working like a dog and therefore have been sleeping in what little spare time I've had. I haven't actually been to bed yet, but I don't have to get up tomorrow morning at all, so I can stay up longer and not have to worry about oversleeping.
I've continued to lose weight, and so now I'm back down to a size eight. It's nice, in a way, except now all my pants (except one pair) are too big, in some cases WAY too big. And the one pair that does fit brings its own problems. Don't ask. And one of my coworkers saw me on Sunday morning, and she was all, "how are you getting so thin? What's your secret, I need to lose weight!" Keep in mind, people, she's a size zero. I was...yeah. It's frustrating. Why is it that the thinner a girl is, the more she wants to lose weight?
So there's a creepy guy at work who asked me out forever ago, and he's twice my age. I brought that up, and his only response was, "It's fine, you're over 18." Which creeped me out even more, and I found out last night he's really into feet, which is, like, uber-creepy. I've decided I'm just going to talk about Nate in front of him, all the time. If that doesn't work, I'll probably call Animal Control and have them raid his house, where he's keeping 8 cats. City ordinances state you can't have more than 3 unless you're a licensed breeder. And then I'll let him know it was me. If that doesn't get him to leave me alone, nothing will.
I got kissed at work this morning, it was cute. I've been trying to get this particular client to "give me a smooch" for a few weeks now, but he wouldn't. He kisses everybody else, though, so I thought, what the hell, why not? So I've been wheedling a bit, and he thinks it's just the funniest thing ever and he loves the attention he gets from all the female staff. And this morning, sure enough, he kissed me right on the cheek, and he even wiped the syrup off his face beforehand.
And the morning wasn't too bad, really. I didn't have to listen to Merle Haggard at all, which was a wonderful change, even though I still had to listen to Willie Nelson, which, admittedly, isn't a whole lot better.
My books came in the mail! I'm so excited. Yay books! Sorry, I'm too excited about my books arriving to say more.

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