With a thousand lies/And a good disguise

So this morning I had to go to work at six, which means I had to be up by five. I wake up, look at my alarm clock, and panic because it says 6:32. So I bolt out of bed and over to my computer, thinking that maybe when I set my alarm I accidentally set the clock, too. Nope. So the first thing that runs through my head is "oh, fuck." The second thing that runs through my head is, "well, I won't make it in to work until 7:30, so I'll just call in. Besides, I have to take the Joj (my sister) over to Mayo Clinic (which is two hours away) this morning, so I'll let them know I have to take my sister to the hospital too." I did just that, I just neglected to tell them precisely when I had to take her to the hospital. I've never called in to work before, so I doubt they'll be too upset. And I saw the schedule last time I was working, and they were fully staffed. So (I hope) it wasn't a big deal. I hope. *cringes in terror that nobody showed up this morning*
So we get there, having been told in no uncertain terms that she absolutely had to be there at 11:30, only to be told upon checking in at the desk that her appoinment wasn't until 1 pm. *headdesk* So we ambled off to get lunch, and in the process discovered a Barnes & Noble. I figured, 'now's as good a time as any to pick up Chalice,' so we wandered around the store checking every possible place, only to not find it anywhere. I therefore did the only responsible thing left to do: I found a salesperson and bullied them into helping me. In their defense, they did try to help me, but none of the B&N's in Rochester bothered to order any copies of Chalice, so I left empty-handed. I wasn't happy at all about that. I'm still inclined to pout, actually.
We went back for the appointment, which took a whole fifteen minutes, and were politely shown the door. So Joj and I hopped in the car and decided to stop at the mall on the way home to see if I could find anything to cheer me up. I couldn't, which was, in itself, rather depressing. But we made it home in time for dinner, and (once again) my blasted headache is raging.Why me?

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