In a field of yellow flowers/Underneath the sun

So once again I got yelled at at work. One of my coworkers, who is the single laziest person I know, was reaming me out for getting my guys up on my own. Keep in mind, she was the one assigned to help me, but she just sat and watched TV while I worked, and then she got mad at me for not finding someone else to help. I was a little bit confused, considering it was her job to help me, but then again, this is her we're talking about. I just shrugged her off and kept working.
I almost passed out this morning, from the Headache. It's getting worse by the hour now. I managed to get an appointment with my doctor on Monday morning, thank God. It's all I can do not to burst into tears, but crying will only make it hurt worse. I know this from experience.
I did something very stupid last night, and I spent most of my time at work bitching myself out for it. It was totally uncalled for, and immature, and hurtful, and just plain wrong. I'm so sorry. I'm just so scared I screwed things up beyond repair...please, God, let things be ok.
Back to work tonight. Yippee. Not.
It's infernally hot here, like 80-something, which also makes me want to cry. Geez, if I let myself go I'd be sobbing for days over inconsequential things, except for the one major screwup.But I did cry about that one, so...yeah.

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