Keepers of the flames/Do you hear your names

Sorry about not posting yesterday, but I had to stay up till past noon to see the doctor about the Headache, which is, apparently, merely a Sinus Infection, and therefore antibiotics, the Eighth Wonder of the World, will fix it. So my head still hurts, but nowhere near as badly as it did a couple days ago. Did I mention almost passing out a couple of times from the pain? It was awful. N. is, understandably, concerned, not just about the headache, but about reputed possible side effects from the antibiotics...*snicker*
I've been spending a great deal of time sleeping, mostly because I'm nearing the end of my workweek and therefore can, and also because I've been very tired lately. Both of which are, I think, good reasons to sleep lots.
I'm terribly excited, because I get to see Nate in just over two weeks.
I'm also a bit pissed, because my parents have banded together and told me that I can't go back to the hospital (apparently even if I really, really need it) because they're not willing to pay the bills again. I was soooo close to telling them that, if things progress on their normal course, I won't go back until next Christmas anyway and by then I'll be off their insurance and therefore the bills will be my responsibility anyway. And they're reneging on our original agreement, that I'd get therapy and whatnot, and that they'd pay for it. Now I have to pay for it. Which, all things considered, means I won't be going much anymore, because I can't afford it. I make virtually nothing, and they make a hell of a lot more than I do. I wonder how they'll react when I tell them. Oh, well. It doesn't really bear considering at this point.
I think I'll go back to bed.

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