I'm taking my time/To plan your demise

I love Voltaire. Not the writer (well, yes, I love Voltaire the writer; I think Candide was absolutely brilliant), I mean the singer. His music is so entrancingly morbid. I owe my old roommate T. a great deal for introducing me to his music. Granted, some of his stuff is a bit...out there, like his 'Cannibal Buffet' song, but for the most part it's just great stuff. I also get a big kick out of the Arrogant Worms, because, I mean, hey, who couldn't love the Last Saskatchewan Pirate?
It's my weekend off, which is very nice, because I was growing more and more exhausted with every passing hour and I needed a break. I'm relieved I finally got one. I plan on sleeping in and doing laundry and other productive things. Or maybe I'll just stay in bed and read, which is a very appealing option.
Anybody out there know what an Aga is? I keep coming across references to it in a British blog that I read, and I have no idea what it is...the best option I've found is a Swedish refrigerator, and somehow that doesn't quite seem to make sense. I have, however, learned that the Brits don't go in much for central heating, and since it's rather a Northern country I feel a bit bad for them. I can empathise with their plight, seeing as how my bedroom here in Minnesota doesn't have heating either, which sucks big time.
I shaved my legs today, but I forgot I had a new razor and pressed down rather too hard a couple times so I sliced up my knee a bit...stupid thing. I hate shaving my legs. A lot.
Everybody who reads this, all two of you, needs to check out YouTube for the song "I Google You". It's hilarious and slightly creepy. The lyrics (and melody) were written by Neil Gaiman, and it's sung by the chick from The Dresden Dolls, which is another good yet slightly disturbing band. What is it with me and things that are (at least) slightly disturbing? You know what? Never mind. I don't think I want to know, and I doubt you really do, either.

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