The world is not enough/But it is such a perfect place to start

I did nothing today except walk the dogs, and it was great. Granted, I have to go in to work tonight (poo on a stick), but at least it wasn't this morning.
I stayed up waaaaaaay too late yesterday, because I never went to bed after I got home from work yesterday morning. So in that case, "way too late" is anything past 10 am.
A. finally realised, or found out, or something, that Nate (not N. anymore, he's earned a full name here) and I are dating. If you could call it dating, but anyway. He asked me if it was for real or if we were just messing with people, and I realised that, yes, Nate and I are both fully capable of doing something like that and getting a huge kick out of it. But no, it's for real. And so A. jumped on the bandwagon by saying, "oh, good. You two will work well together." I'm just relieved he didn't say "oh finally" like everybody else has.
I had to take my mom to the doctor's office yesterday, because she's been pretty sick lately. We get there, wait two hours (even though there's only one other person in the waiting room), and then the doctor tells Mom she's just got allergies. My mom doesn't have allergies. Meanwhile, while she's in with the doctor, I'm out in the waiting room with this weird fat older guy who sat there breathing stertorously through his mouth and staring at me. Not my idea of fun.
And I've still got the headache.

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