With pocketfuls of quips and gurgles/Words that fluff like a fistful of gerbils

Tonight's my last night for this round, then I'm done for a bit. With work, I mean. Which will be nice. I really don't like my job. It's better than most jobs I've had, but I still don't like it. At least most of the time I'm not dealing with anybody, which helps a lot. I tend to think of it in two-week chunks, because that's how my schedule goes--in two-week chunks.
Oh! For those of you readers (yes, I use the plural, and I'll explain why in a moment) who know me in person, you'll be pleased to know that I have joined the Klutz Klub. Yes, it is spelled with a "k". Apparently my favourite author, Robin McKinley, has started one in honour of all those terrible klutzes out there, and the only requirement of membership is to post a truly klutzy moment on the Klub web site. So I posted the one about me falling out of bed and nearly breaking my leg because of it. The membership cards are really very pretty, I'd recommend going to her site and checking them out...plus it's fun to read stories of people klutzier than you are.
As for the "readers" (plural) comment, I've finally forced myself to acknowledge that there are multiple people who read this, considering there are something like 28 individual people who read this thing in Israel alone. Yeah, I know. Israel. How cool is that? So, to my readers in Isreal (I hate to use the term Israeli because you could, for all I know, be an ex-pat living there), eight million points each.

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