I'm still a rock star/I've got my rock moves

Sorry about missing yesterday, but I couldn't wake up for the life of me. Oh, well. Sleep is more important than blogging. (GASP! Such heresy!)
I've been alone each morning the past 3 times I've worked, which is okay but it's very tiring. Getting four wheelchair-bound guys up, showered, dressed, and fed in 3 hours is energy-consuming.
I got sick again today, I think I ate something that disagreed with me. Or something. I feel better now, though, except for that thrice-damned headache.
I had the news playing in the background this morning at work, and I had completely forgotten that it was the whole 9-11 anniversary. But there it was, all over the news. Which was fine, because it was a tragedy (though I firmly believe that if they're going to commemorate it every year, they should commemorate the other acts of domestic terrorism that have occured, too, like the Oklahoma City bombing back in the 90's) that ought not be repeated--ANYWHERE--but then they started reading off the names of everyone who died. Which is boring. And very, very time consuming. Forgive me for not being more sympathetic, but I spent 3 and a half years in Peru while a very large terrorist group was very, very active and I routinely fell asleep to the sounds of bombs going off. While I was there the Ecuadorian embassy was burned to the ground by said rebel group. School was cancelled at least once a month because the roads were filled with rubble from nearby buildings having been bombed into oblivion. When I lived in Venezuela there were riots in the streets all the time. To be honest, terrorism doesn't shock me anymore because I grew up with it. So I don't think very highly of the war on terror, because they're not doing enough.
ANYway. I'm done with work until Monday, which is nice. I get to sleep at night, which will be a nice change from sleeping during the day.
OH! There was a frost warning a few nights ago, which was freaking awesome. I was so happy, even though it didn't get quite cold enough to actually frost over. I love the cold. The colder the better. I'm still hoping to move to Alaska one day.
My dad is getting sick now, I think he has what my mom had. She's finally better, but Dad is miserable. At least he works from home, so it's not too bad that he's too sick to leave the house. Hopefully I don't get sick too, because that would really suck.

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