The sunlight is fading/The longest shadows have been cast

Yesterday I was feeling...I dunno, I guess the word is nostalgic, so I went back to my very first blog and read some of the entries there. I was very surprised at the quality of the writing in said blog, especially as compared to the quality of the writing now. It's definitely less...interesting. Granted, I had more than a couple friends back then, and I actually had a life so there was more to talk about, but still. I was also happier back then. I think a great deal of that has to do, again, with being surrounded by my friends and being in a place I felt moderately comfortable. Here in Fairhell, I have no friends and feel very much like an outsider, which can't be good for one's mental health. Looking back, I think, too, that getting a single room was a mistake. It became far too easy to isolate myself from everyone. If I had had a single in a dorm where I had friends, that probably would have been different, but...we learn from our mistakes. It's just frustrating that it had to be such a huge mistake on my part.
But I digress. The old blog was a hell of a lot more entertaining than this one is, at least I think so. It's more...lighthearted, and there's a variety of content as opposed to here, which is all, "Today I did (blank) and (blank) and (blank)."
The creepy guy at work isn't talking to me anymore, which is absolutely wonderful, though he is standing funny, puffing his chest out and trying to swagger. Note how I say trying. He's not built for swaggering, plus I doubt he actually knows how. It would be rather humorous, except that I try not to look at him. Ever. Because like I said, he's creepy.

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